The history of the River Edge Swim Club, Inc., goes back to 1956.  The Mayor and Council and its several Boards and Citizens’ Committees conducted intensive studies on the feasibility of a swimming pool for River Edge.  The organizing Trustees of your Club benefited from this research and after months of study, planning and execution are unanimous in opinion that the River Edge Swim Club, Inc., represents the most practical solution to a swimming pool for the residents of River Edge.

From the very beginning, the Board of Trustees believed that swimming was not only a healthful form of exercise but an enjoyable sport, would foster water safety, be an outlet for summer activity and provide adults and children alike with an opportunity for friendly community life.

The River Edge Swim Club, Inc., is your club; you built it; you control it and only you can keep it something you are proud to belong too and to which you will be proud to invite guest.

These By-Laws set forth the controls by which the affairs of the Club will be governed for the benefit of the entire membership.  They are always to be construe in a manner which will further the purpose of the club.

By laws can be found here