Community Pass will Opens February 1st for the 2023 season

Go to your Community Pass to register for the 2023 season.
Current Bondholders Pay in full between February 1st and February 14th and receive four (4) free guest passes. Pay in full between February 15th and April 1st and receive two (2) free guest passes.
Make sure you are registering into your pool account or you will receive the following message;
“At least one account member must be registered to “River Edge Swim Club – Bond” in Swim Club Bond and initiation” Season to register an individual for a “Full-Time membership” or a Family Membership”
To Register go to Community Pass Link
Membership pricing can be found at
If you are new to the club go to our New Membership page for information
Our mailing address is;
River Edge Swim Club
600 Riverside Way
River Edge, NJ 07661   
or you can drop your payment off in our green mailbox in front of the pool.
If you do not intend on returning to the club please keep in mind the Business Office must know prior to May 1st. Any Notification after May 1st will be subject to late fees per our By-Laws.  Go to our resignation page to read more and download the form.