Non-bonded Memberships offered

Just for 2021, on a limited basis, the River Edge Swim Club is offering a unbonded membership plans.  This is the second season we are offering non-bonded memberships, so please take advantage.


  1. Pick the plan that is best for you?
    Type Rate Taxes Total
    Family of 2 $825.00 $54.65 $879.66
    Family of 3+ $899.00 $59.56 $958.56
    August $500.00 $33.12 $533.12


    $260.00 $17.23 $277.23
  2. Open up a Community pass account, you will only be able to go so far, the business office will complete the account
    after payment has been received.

  3. Application form can be found by clicking on the plan of your choice above.

  4. Drop off the check & application in the River Edge Swim Club mail box (600 Riverside Way)

  5. Get ready to swim!

** Teenage Membership receive 30 passes for the season. This membership is NOT eligible for Swim Lessons & Swim Team.

Any questions, let us know at [email protected]