New Membership – Bonded

Welcome to River Edge Swim Club…

As a new member you will have to complete the New Membership Application attached below and mail it along with your bond and dues payment or drop it off at the pool office when we are in season. You can also start the registration process on Community pass by creating an account using this link, 

You will only be able register to a certain point, then Business Office will complete the process once the payment is received.  Dues depend on plan you choose and the bond is $589.94. There would also be addition charge of $150. per Additional Adult/Child or Each Babysitter. This payment must be in check form.

The bond is a one time payment that must be paid with your initial dues payment. When you resign you will receive $430.00 less any fees you might owe the club. The $159.94 is the initiation fee. Due are paid yearly.

If you have any questions contact our business Office at; [email protected]

New Membership Application Form

2021 Membership Plans; Family of 3+ | Family of 2 | Family of 1 (All Memberships MUST pay a bond & initiation fee the first year)

Our membership plans listed below include full access, are entitled to ownership of the club, and they can hold office or vote on any matters affecting the membership voting rights.

Bond/Certificate; There is also a one time Capital Improvement Bond of $430.00 and a initiation fee of $159.94 for a total of $589.94 (tax included) the first (1st) year of membership. This bond payment must be made with your initial dues payment.When you decide to resign from the club you will receive $430.00 less any fees that might be owed.

See our family definitions here

2021 NEW Membership Plans

Membership 2021 Dues Bond Total
Family of 3+
$589.94 $1389.63
Family of 2 (must live in same household, proof of residency may be required)
$589.94 $1373.63
Family of 1
$589.94 $1352.31

Each Additional Adult/Child and or Babysitter is $150.00 Each

We can do payment plans on the Dues, the bond must be paid in full. Dues must be paid in full prior to using the club.
Contact the Business Office at [email protected] if your interested.

You can pay by Check or Credit Card, we accept all major credit cards. Please note there is a convenience fee to use your credit card.

(Bond & Initiation Fee is a one (1) time fee, when you resign you will receive the bond portion of you payment back less and fees or charges owed)


New Bonded Member Check List

  1. Pick the plan that works best for you (Family 3+, Family of 2, Family of 1)
  2. See if you need any babysitters or extra adults and for each, add $150. per person.
  3. Fill out the New Membership Application
  4. Drop off the check & application in the River Edge Swim Club mail box (600 Riverside Way)
  5. Get ready to swim!