Memorial Day Weekend 2021

As we look forward to the 60th season of the River Edge Swim Club we wanted to share with you some protocols that will be put in place.  As the Health Department regulations change measures will be relaxed. 

Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our club members in and out of the pool.

The Board is excited to begin the 2021 River Edge Swim Club Season with all of our members!

1. Personal lawn chairs will be permitted on the grounds. RESC will offer a limited number of chairs. We are requesting that pool chairs be wiped down after each use.

2. Masks will be required to enter the bathrooms.

3. Social distancing is encouraged for non-vaccinated members.

4. You must complete the 2021 Guest Pass policy for each guest by 11:00am the day you wish to bring a guest in. This must be done online, here is the link;

5. No garbage cans will be offered all items will be carry in and carry out.

6. Picnic tables will be offered and must be cleaned after each use.

7. Swim and dive tests will be offered daily. For our young RESC member that pass a wristband will be provided to be worn for the entire season.  Guests will also be required to take the test when visiting the club and will receive a wristband for the day.

8.  Playground and game amenities will be offered. We will not be providing ping-pong paddles, checker boards or basketballs. We encourage you to bring your own from home to enjoy some family fun.

9. Birthday parties will be allowed however they must be booked through the website in advance.
Go to to find out more.