Limited Use Members

Limited Use memberships are offered only to current members who have been at the pool 10 years and have resigned from their full-time membership. They are only offered once the members resignation has been received. The Business Office will contact the member who resigned to make the offer. We are limited on the number of Limited Use membership we can offer

Below is the criteria for our Limited Use Membership

10 years or more as a member and you have submitted your resignation paperwork.
You no longer list any children on your registration.
Only the bondholder and his or her spouse or partner are listed on their Community Pass account, No children.
Bond holder & spouse /partner receives 30 passes each  to use over the summer.
Member has the ability to purchase guest passes.
Limited Use members have no voting rights.

2022 Dues for Limited Use

We are offering four (4) payment plans for the 2022 season if you begin paying in January;


Pay full amount $479.81 NJ sales tax included. Pay full amount before February 28th and receive a $25.00 Discount. The discount will be applied at checkout.


Four (4) Payments if you begin to pay in January;

1st payment Due in Jan. 30th $112.50
2nd payment Dues Feb. 28th $112.50
3rd payment Due March 28th $112.50
4th payment Due April 30th $112.50

NJ Sales Tax & Service fee (if credit card is used) will be added at checkout.