Here at River Edge Swim Club, we plan on opening Saturday, May 29th, Memorial Day weekend and operate under as much normalcy as possible while we will incorporate recommended practice at our facility to keep it safe and healthy for all.

Frequently Asked Questions…


Why such an increase in dues for this season?
The increase in dues this year was necessary to compensate for the deficit which resulted from only 49% of members joining last summer.  The costs to maintain the pool and grounds, as well as chemicals, insurance fees, utilities, remain unchanged and only continue to increase. Additionally, the minimum wage in NJ increased by 7.7% which affects most of our employees had a big impact on the budget.   
What is a bond holder?
A bond holder holds ownership in the pool. This should be viewed as a longer-term commitment. Bond purchases and costs are a one-time cost. Since you are buying ownership in the pool, you’re committing to a renewal of your annual membership.

Do you plan on opening on Memorial Day weekend?
Yes, we plan on opening Memorial Day weekend.

Will there be any restrictions?
As we publish this FAQ sheet, the Health Dept. indicates there will be restrictions in place but they are not ready to announce / publish them at this time.

Do I need an updated email address?
Yes, Email is our only form of communication to inform you when we open registration or any other important information concerning the swim club.

Is my credit on Community Pass from 2020 season and will I be able to use it this season?
Yes, the credit is in your Community Pass account. You’ll see it on the “Checkout” page in Community Pass when registering for this season.

 In the event the swim club cannot open on Memorial Day weekend will you prorate dues? 
We anticipate being able to open by Memorial Day weekend. However, in the event restrictions or other circumstances do not allow us to do so, dues will not be prorated. As previously stated above, the costs have not changed, we will still need to have the facility ready to open when we get the ok.

 Will members be allowed to bring guests?
We are planning to allow members to bring guests at a fee of $12 per guest aged 2 and older. Look for 10 pack flash sales at lower rates. Flash sales will be limited to one (1) purchase. Guests must be accompanied by a member to access the club.

If the pool is required to close during the operating season for any reason, will our dues be refunded?
Unfortunately there is no refund, We still must pay the bills.

Will a Non -Bonded and an August only membership be available?
Yes, we plan to offer both non-bonded and August memberships beginning July 5th. 

Will you limit the number of members who can enter at any given time?
 We will follow the guidelines from the Health Department once they are issued.  We do not expect to have to limit the number of people on the grounds. 

 Daily Operations

 Will chairs be available?
Yes, a limited number of chairs will be available to encourage social distancing.  If you use a pool chair, you will be required to disinfect it after you use it.  You will still be able to bring your own chair with you. 

Will the umbrellas available?  
Yes. Umbrellas will be available. The staff will put them up in the morning and put them down at closing.

Will picnic tables and area be available?
Yes, the tables will be out this season however, as with chairs, it will be your responsibility to clean them when you have finished using it.  We will provide sanitizing spray for members. If we find they are not being cleaned after use we might have to remove them.

Will you offer water & diving board test to 10, 11, & 12-year-old so they can come in by themselves?
We plan to offer the Water/Diving board test this year to any 10, 11, or 12-year old who would like to come to the pool on their own. They will receive a silicone wrist band. They must wear the wrist band upon entering the facility and when using the diving boards. Lost wristbands will cost $5.00

Will it still be carry in and carry out? (for garbage)
Yes, at this time we will continue the carry in carry out policy.

Will you sell ice cream, water and chips as you have in the past?
No, there will be no concession stand.  However, we have hired an outside vendor to sell ice cream in the parking lot. We are also lining up food trucks for the weekends.

Will you offer Pizza Night?
We plan to have Pizza Nights; however, we must wait for the release of Health Dept. guidelines.

Do you plan to offer Swim Lessons & Swim Team this summer?
Unfortunately due to the logistic of Swim Team we will not be having a team this year. Swim Lessons will go forward with the guidance from the American Red Cross unless we ca not based on state guideline. 

 Will the field be open for play?
We are awaiting state guidelines to open the fields.

What are the daily operating hours?
Weekday 11:30a – 7:30p & Weekends 12:00n – 8:00p.
Please note:  Our hours are subject to change depending on final state and local guidelines in terms of recreational activities that we may be able to host (i.e. swim lessons).

  • What are the health and safety protocols that you plan to continue?

Guards and staff must complete a health screening prior to starting their shift, daily.

Health and safety signage will be placed throughout the property including at the entrance

Hand sanitizing stations will be placed by the front gate and inside each bathroom.

Bathrooms will be cleaned every 30 minutes daily.

Railings will be wiped frequently.

Water fountains will not be available. 

  • Face Coverings/Masks:
    Staff and lifeguards will be required to wear masks when appropriate including for any reason listed below. 
    Members and guests are required to wear a face covering when:

entering or exiting the club

when socializing with members outside your household.

visiting the office for any reason.

visiting the first aid station

utilizing the restrooms (footwear is also required)

Social Distancing:

Social distancing is strongly encouraged. Please fully respect the space of others who are not part of your family/group.

6 ft distance will be required at the entrance and in other areas where necessary

Bathrooms will be limited to 4 individuals unless they are all members of the same household.

Will the Social Ambassador monitor social distancing in the pools?
Yes, if required by the Health Department we will have a Social Ambassador enforcing the social distancing.


What happens if I decide not to join the 2021 season?
You have two (2) options:  You can defer your membership for a year or resign before May 1st and request a bond refund.  Go to our website and under Membership you will find the forms for either option.

Please keep in mind we are directed by the Health Department as to what we can and cannot do during the pandemic. If we could, we would operate the swim club like any other summer before 2020.  We are doing the best we can with the restrictions that have been handed to us. Our goal is to have a safe and healthy environment for all.

If I have additional questions, who can I contact?
Please email the Business Office at [email protected]